måndag 24 mars 2014


I "almost" won a price with this card. It was an entry for a give-away at a women who calles herself CreaBoetiek. She makes pretty awsome Mixed media. My contribution comes about 12 minutes into the clip. But please check out the other entries, they are all very beautiful. 

I have used a chipboard as a cardbase. I used gel medium to stuck down the sisal that I did use for texture. I painted them with some self mixed acrylic colors. Then I added some modeling past through a stencil. While the stencil still was in place I used a sponge to give the surface some extra texture. 
Once again I colored the modeling paste with acrylics in a reddish tone. And know comes the scary part. I panted everything black, let it sit for a minute and then sprayed it off. If it comes out the way it is ment, the black should give a feeling of depf. When I hade the look I was aming for i rubbed in some Inka Gold on top of everyting. 

Hope you did find some inspiration.